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La Mulâtresse Solitude (1772-19 November 1802), was a slave rebel and heroine of the fight against slavery in Guadeloupe.

Originally a slave, she was freed by the abolition of slavery in 1794 during the French revolution. When slavery was reintroduced on Guadeloupe by Napoleon in 1802, she joined Louis Delgrès call to fight for her freedom and took part in the Battle of the 18 May 1802.

She was captured and executed by hanging after being granted to wait out her pregnancy.


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The rings of Saturn (nice to see you again)

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Saturn has six main rings, each composed of thousands of tiny ringlets. Those rings are made up of dust, rock, and ice accumulated from passing comets.

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Alexis’s fab nails💅✨💕 #NailArt #BritneyTOKYO #Fabulous

oooohweee i wanttttt

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Ancient Rock Carvings Qaqotorq, Greenland


Ancient Rock Carvings
Qaqotorq, Greenland

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